about us

about us
Simple is the best

Once upon a time, there was a bee worker who develop by day but hustler by night. Don't get it wrong, he's selling stuff online lol. But the trouble is, when its come to Data Analytics, its a burden. With all the tags and metrics is going on, it takes days or even weeks to learning. Not including technical works. So he comes up with an idea: "Make data work for you, not the other way around".

So he gathering his friends, pitching his idea of how is he going to make Data Analytics look simple and easy to use. They immediately saw the potential in the idea, so they got to work and started building their first Tools, platform or whatever it called. Then KABOOM, Ecomfit was born!

For the first 6 months, Ecomfit is focusing only on Data Mining and deliver metrics base on data input. But as the technology evolving they have to elevate it to make Ecomfit much more powerful. So we decide to try Machine Learning implement for next 6 months. Now Ecomfit can offer Suggestion or Warning Feature so you put you a step ahead of your competitor.

Ecomfit is just a youngster but got so many compliment from over 1,000+ store owners worldwide. We did all hard work to make your online business bigger and better.