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Other platforms in the market require time-consuming configurations which could be used to improve advertising

sale funnel

Sales Funnel

Sales funnel describes the process of how customers go through the step-by-step flow before they actually make the purchase. It will help you understand what is working and not working so that you can further scale your campaigns or improve certain elements to enhance customer buying process.

sale funnel
checkout behavior

Checkout Behavior

Checkout behavior report depicts the shopping behavior of your customers by telling you how many visitors moved through your checkout process and finalized your billing, shipping, payment and completed transaction pages. Hence, be informed why and where customers decided to abandon their carts and leave your store

cart abandonment

Cart abandonment rate

Cart abandonment rate shows the percentage of customers who added products to the cart, yet leave your store without completing their purchase. This means there are some obstacles in terms of pricing, shipping and even payment steps that need to be improved.

cart abandonment
conversion rate

Conversion Rate

Conversion rate determines the percentage of visitors to your store who actually make a purchase or complete a certain action such as leaving their personal information.

sale performance

Sales Performance

Sales Performance report shows main metrics such as total revenue and conversion rate. By keeping an eye on these, you will understand whether you are generating more revenue year-over-year, your store's seasonality, and any other sales trends.

sale performance
product performance

Product Performance

Product Performance report shows valuable information into how customers are interacting with your products. What is the most viewed product, most/least bought in a certain period of time or promotion thus help you make decisions across every aspect of the business.

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