Insight Analytics

Making informed decisions based on data and optimize conversion in the easy way.


Why is Ecomfit Insight Analytics A Must-have Tool?

Tracking & Build Customer Profiles

Automatically track customers information, build customer profiles then segment them into groups for marketing plans

Actionable Analytics

Better understand your customer behaviors with
our actionable report

Smart Suggestions

Smart suggestions & warning based on collected data help help you make actionable decisions on how to boost sales

Get Real-time Suggestions and Warning of Potential Problems on Your Website

Receive suggestions with real-time warnings and causes for underperformance for e-commerce

Traffic Suggestion/Warning

Focus on the most effective and identify the worst traffic channels help to save unnecessary advertising costs.

Product Suggestion/Warning

Know which product is potential, which one needs to be improved helps to scale your marketing campaigns to capture the most return on your investment

Client Engagement Suggestion

By understanding customer engagement, such as visit to buy, date to buy or view to buy, you can run effective re-marketing campaigns

Slow Loading Warning

Just 1 second delay in page response can be atributable to a 7% reduction in conversions.

Which Elements Our Actionable Report Track

Ecomfit automatically tracks essential customers information
and generates all your e-commerce metrics in one place.

Ecomfit Works Beautifully With

Increase Revenues And Reduce Costs
By Understanding Your Customers Right Now

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