Ultimate Push Notification

Recover abandoned carts
and bring back customer to your sites


Why Do You Need Push Notification?

Recover Abandoned Carts

Customers leaving shopping carts will get notifications, hence, the abandoned cart will be recovered and converted into sale

Retarget Specific Customers

With advanced targeting and one-click opt-in, you can bring customers back to your store anytime

Increase Loyal Subscribers

When customers accept to recevie your notifications, they are ready to become your subscribers so you can easily promote products to them

Sell More With Push Notification Automation

Cart Abandoned Recovery

Recovery abandoned carts and bring back customer to your site

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New Product

Send notification to customers whenever you launch new products

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Loyalty Customer

Take care customer purchased item to bring them back to store

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Welcome Discount

Welcome your new subscribers with push notification, why not?

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Product Price Drop

Give a little incentive for people being interested in your products

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Cross Sale

Sen push to promote your crossing sale

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Shipping Notification

Why don't sending notification about shipping tracking

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Interested Product

It is great to notify customer about interested items

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Super Targeting Functions

Let your campaign be more effective by targeting customers based one super detailed elements


New and old customers


Choose exact countries you want


Mobile or Tablet or PC?


Target accessed URL or page type


Social, search engine or UTM source to retarget

Abandoned cart

Abandoned card included cart amount and product


Apply for customers who viewed or bought product

Customer value

For whom made orders with purchased amount

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